No Tie Required

No Tie Required

Shortlisted for British Sports Book of the Year, 2006.

“A witty, stylish and entertaining guide to the game of golf as it is played far from the elite clubs of Britain.” The Observer.

“Required reading.” Golf Punk magazine.

“I enjoyed and was informed by this easy, entertaining book … delightful.” Graham Spiers, Scottish Review of Books.

Published: Headline 2005

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Described by the author (and no-one else) as a ‘polemic history travelogue’, No Tie Required is a semi-serious attempt to work out how the working class game of my youth in the parks of Glasgow (fly-tipped household goods are deemed immovable obstructions by the R&A and are covered by rules 24-2 and 25-1) could also be the stuff of Terry & June middle class snobbery.

The book tells the story of a journey around the cheap, council, pay & play courses of Britain, the people I meet and play with … and how they beat me. Along the way, I trace the social history of a game that grew from shepherd’s pastime on the North Sea coast to multi-billion dollar international industry.